Jumin, concurrently, offers Zen a way to superstar inside the a pet restaurants industrial to have his providers

Jumin, concurrently, offers Zen a way to superstar inside the a pet restaurants industrial to have his providers

Common Channel

On MC’s addition, Zen is really flirtatious to the this lady, and is one of many less skeptical people in the group into MC and her actions. Zen is very unlock to your MC, and you will casually flirts together while befriending their, believing that she’s got a great objectives in the joining the brand new RFA. Regarding very first five days, Zen and the MC normally participate in lighthearted, flirtatious banter and you can she can suit him with the their seems, hence trigger Zen’s recognition together with a couple growing better.

Zen’s Route

Zen’s minds; hype him right up, fit his appearance, inform you demand for their pretending and have a detest regarding kitties to find her or him!

In case your player is able to pass the online game part on the Zen’s station, one another she and you may Zen instantly become most romantic, much to your displeasure out-of Jaehee, which seems one its relationships may destroy Zen’s field and that is usually trying to warn the fresh MC to stay out-of Zen; according to the MC’s procedures, she will be able to sometimes peaceful Jaehee’s worries about the lady and Zen’s matchmaking, or give Jaehee in your thoughts her very own company. Someday, Zen exists a chance to work at a task that have brand new well-known musician Echo Woman, that more improve his popularity. Zen disagrees which have bringing an excellent foothold in the recreation globe owed so you’re able to nepotism more than his ability plus with a cat allergy, and you can, just after a hot argument, attempts to prove his worthy of by the doing.

On the seventh-day away from their channel, Zen works out spraining his foot away from overexertion and also as good influence, ends up to be withdrawn as he try troubled at the prospect away from shedding the fresh new character. At the same time, he will continue to decline Jumin’s offer. On afternoon, he match Reflect Girl while to invest in goldfish bread in front of their home, and you can despite his consideration regarding withdrawing throughout the character, Echo Woman urges him to keep, using the woman determine to keep Zen throughout the development.

The remainder RFA users commit to post the gamer out over go to Zen so you can perk him upwards, and Jumin sets up a plan for transport to your position you to definitely she convinces Zen so you can model to own their cat eating commercial. If the visit finishes, Zen brings the player upon brand new roof to stargaze, and confides his earlier in the day along with her. The guy acknowledges he rejected Jumin’s help on account of his resemblance to help you their older sis, and you can feels he can be go on with her let. Following the gamer is distributed home, Mirror Girl arrives at Zen’s apartment planning to woo your; although not, Zen rejects the girl enhances and you may directs the girl returning to their manager. The following day, Reflect Woman suits one another Jumin and you will Zen individually, threatening in order to ruin the photos. Which causes Zen being accused from sexually assaulting Echo Woman on television, smearing his term drastically, later on followed closely by gossip one Jumin are gay.

Jumin is undeterred and enlists 7 to find information to help you confirm Zen’s innocence. At the same time, Zen closes off on against brand new you are able to avoid out-of his occupation because he is simply a decreased-tier star tied to quick-measure musicals. Jumin together with pro remind him to-be pretty sure, but he becomes more troubled. The guy adventures his motorcycle to a secret place to relax. Immediately after getting in touch with V, Jumin locates your getting conflict while offering him a chance to work inside a commercial to own an excellent teacup team one his dad has just acquired to greatly help https://datingranking.net/ recreate his profile. Zen concerns terms along with his relatives points, with the knowledge that Jumin was only trying to help your. The guy agrees to design regarding pet commercial as opposed to the teacup industrial. He will get pleased of one’s RFA, specifically MC, who assisted him understand the feelings of other people, and you may inspired him to help you reconnect together with individual nearest and dearest. The guy informs her which he plans to technically inquire the girl to be his wife following team.

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